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Accordingly,G-Ride Board has identified 9 (Nine) Potential rail projects as below to be implemented by forming various project specific SPVs with the potentially interested project related stakeholders.

1. Katosan-Becharaji-Chanasma-Ranuj (65 km) line Gauge Conversion Project.

2. Vayor-Koteshwar New Rail Line Project (43 Km)

3. Chhara Port Last Mile Connectivity Project (19 Km)

4. Nargol Port Last Mile Connectivity Project (14 Km)

5. Bedi Port Last Mile Connectivity Project (3 Km)

6. Gothangam to Panoli (29 Kms) new BG Rail Line Project (Earlier Surat – Kosad New Line Project 44 Km)

7. New BG Line between Arnej-Tarapur (45.62 Kms) & Sanand-Moraiya (8.5 kms) on Bhavnagar & Vadodara division of Western Railway, Gujarat

8. Technical  Feasibility  Study  for  the proposed rail siding alignment for Cluster A (approx. 4.5 kms) & B (approx. 12 kms) of MBSIR

9. Ahmedabad Rajkot Semi High Speed Rail System