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Key Objectives of G-RIDE

To act as a “Nodal agency for railway infrastructure” in the State of Gujarat.
To realize the vision for “Cooperative Federalism” that caters more efficiently to local aspirations.
‘Promote and encourage innovation and best practices in these railways infrastructure development’ including in conceptualization, design, construction and maintenance.
‘Generate greater financial resources through greater participation’ of the State, other stakeholders, including the private sector in project specific SPVs.

To deliver technical expertise for railway infrastructure development’ through the commissioning of DPRs and other studies as also through in-house expertise and external experts.
‘To identify and connect the identified un-served regions’ in the state offering all citizens equitable access to convenience, facilities and opportunity.
To speed up the Development of Railway Projects on state’s priority and deliver the top 6 priority railway infrastructure projects of the State by 2025.
To deliver railway infrastructure that complements the states objectives of encouraging trade, tourism, economy and overall growth in the state.