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Type of Project : Line Conversion –Meter Gauge to Broad Gauge
District : Gandhinagar (Pop : 13.91 Lakh), Mehsana (Pop : 20.35 Lakh), Patan (Pop : 13.43 Lakh)
 Project Background:
• Mandal-Becharaji Special Investment Region (MBSIR) located about 90 km from Ahmedabad near Becharaji town in Mehsana District. • MBSIR is spread over 102 Sq. Km. area over 8 villages in Detroj, Mandal and Becharaji Taluka.
• The MBSIR has been conceptualised as an Auto Ancillary Hub. Maruti-Suzuki, Honda Motors and their ancillary companies have already initiated work on production plant. Dedicated rubber and glass units for Maruti Suzuki Industries Limited are also considering setting up under service industries.
• Other sectors identified in the SIR are Light Engineering including metal & alloy products, Electronics system design and manufacturing (ESDM), agro and food processing, apart from wind and solar power equipment manufacturing industries.
• A broad gauge railway line connecting Viramgam with Mehsana already passes through the SIR at Detroj.
• Also a meter gauge line connecting Katosan to Ranuj passes through Becharaji.
• Immediate demand anticipated for connectivity from Katosan to Becharaji; from upcoming plant of Maruti Suzuki
• As the MBSIR develops and growth of industry in the surrounding there would be increased demand for other phases of the project encompassing Kalol to Ranuj
Project Length: 
 The gauge conversion project connecting Kalol-Katosan-Becharaji-Chanasama-Ranuj is divided in 4 phases.
 o Beharaji - Katosan (phase 1) – 25 km (As per Task force discussion this phase provides connectivity to upcoming Maruti Suzuki plant and other Auto hub in the region)
 o Becharaji - Chanasama (phase 2) – 27 km
 o Chanasma - Ranuj (phase 3) – 13 km 
o Kalol – Katosan (phase 4) – 37 km 
 Estimated Project Construction Period*: To be ascertained basis detailed Study to be commissioned. 
Mode of Award of Project*:
 Project Cost*: 
 o Becharaji - Chanasama (phase 2) - 135 Cr
 o Chanasma - Ranuj (phase 3) - 65 Cr o Kalol – Katosan (phase 4) - 185 Cr. 
Current Status*: Maruti Suzuki has appointed BARSYL for Phase 1 (pre-feasibility) study 
 *Source : GIDB; Stakeholder Consultation
  • Type of Project : New Line - Broad Gauge
  • District : Valsad (Pop : 17.06 Lakh)
  •       Project Background: 
  • ·      Nargol Port is being developed as a multi-purpose port that can handle solid, liquid and container cargo; which is being developed by the joint venture partnership between India’s transport logistics company, Cargo Motors, and Amarillis, the international arm of Israel Ports Company (IPC).

    ·      The consortium plans to invest Rs 4,000 crore in developing a container terminal port at Nargol

    ·      Nargol Port is located at about 120 km south of Surat and 140 km north of Mumbai. It is 10 km from the upcoming Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC).

    ·      The proposed port is estimated to have an initial cargo handling capacity of 1.2 million Twenty-foot equivalent of container cargo (TEU).

    To provide last mile connectivity with the port, a rail line is proposed from a mid-section cabin between Sanjan and Bhilad Station (Phase 1) and further connectivity 
  •    Project Length:  The dedicated railway connectivity will be developed under Non-Government Railway (NGR) model. The broad gauge line is divided into 2 phases, of which the initial phase is approx. 14 Kms in length connecting between Sanjan and Bhilad Station on Western Railway (WR), and will be implemented by M/s. Nargol Rail Links Private Limited (NRLPL). Phase 2 is the connectivity to DFC, linking to a New Crossing station proposed to be located on the Western Corridor of DFC between New Gholvad & Pardi stations.
  • o   Phase 1 – 13.56 Kms (connectivity to WR)

    o   Phase 2 – 6.23 Kms (Connectivity to DFC)

                        Total Broad Gauge line – 19.79 km
  • Estimated Project Construction Period*: 30 Months
  • Mode of Award of Project*: Non-Government Railway Model
  • Project Cost*:

    ·         Estimated cost of construction: Rs. 182 Crores for Phase 1 and further Rs. 76 Crores for Phase 2

    ·         A provision of approx. Rs. 50 crores is made jointly for Nargol & Chhara Port Connectivity in Railway Budget for FY 2015-16.

    ·         The Project Cost excludes Land Cost. Approx. Land Cost Is: Phase 1-280Cr & Phase 2`-65Cr

  • Current Status*:

    ·         GMB appointed M.R. Techno fin Consultants Pvt. Ltd. who have  submitted a DPR  in Feb 2015 (Phase 1) and

    Oct  2016 (Phase 2) as also submitted an Engineering Scale Plan (ESP)  

    *Acquisition of land will be done once Environmental Clearance is obtained.

      *Source : GIDB; Stakeholder Consultation

Type of Project : New Line : Broad Gauge (BG) 
District : Junagdh (Pop : 27.5 Lakhs)
 • Project Background: 
 • M/s Shapoorji Pallonji Company Limited is developing a port at Chhara under the BOOT Model of Government of Gujarat and Gujarat Maritime Board. 
 • Chhara Port will be developed with one coal berth of 8 MMTPA capacity in initial phase. 
• The company has proposed a new Broad Guage rail line connecting this upcoming port to the proposed railway station at Kodinar. (About 19 km) 
• This project is of extending new Broad Gauge line between Somnath-Kodinar to connect to Chhara Port. 
• Somanath -Kodinar (36.91 km) rail line has been approved and sanctioned by Railways. Details of the land required has been submitted to the Gujarat Government by Indian Railways. Railways will construct the line once government of Gujarat hand over the required land. Government coordination would be required for acquiring the land 
• Detailed Study is required to be conducted for Chhara Port line, including a survey and DPR preparation.
 Project Length:
Broad Gauge Rail Line of Approx. 19 Kms 
Estimated Project Construction Period*: approx. 2 years 
 Mode of Award of Project:
Project Cost*: 
 • Chhara-Kodinar- BG Rail Line Approx 19 Kms is Rs. 326Cr. 
Current Status*: 
• GMB commissioned Techno-Economic Feasibility (TEF) Report by Simar Port Limited. 
 • Basis this TEF Financial IRR for the project works to 12.7%.
 • Status of land availability and other clearances: 600 acres of land has already been acquired for the port development. 
 *Source : GIDB; Stakeholder Consultation

Type of Project : New Line - Broad Gauge

District : Jamnagar (Population : 21.50 lakhs) 

Project Background:
• Bedi Group of Ports comprises of Old Bedi Port, New Port and Rozi Pier. Collectively the contributed 39.56% for the financial year 2014-15 of the cargo being handled at GMB ports. The Cargo being handled at the Bedi group of ports are bulk commodities like imports of coal and export of bauxite etc. Considering the quantum and nature of cargo, it has been under consideration to extend BG rail link to these ports in phased manner.
• Proposed project will benefit all concerned- the Railways, the Port as well as Users.
• 3 serving points namely Old Bedi Port (3.03 Kms), New Bedi Port (6.4 kms) and Rozi Port (9 Kms) approx. from windmill station will be served by this NGR. But Currently Study Done for Od bedi port only.
• Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) has assigned the task to M/s RITES, Gurgaon for validation of the earlier feasibility study through fresh techno-economic feasibility studies including O-D Survey, assessment of traffic potential, engineering-operational requirements including land acquisition, fresh estimation etc.
 Project Length : Route length of 3.03 kms from Windmill Station
Estimated Project Construction Period*: 2 months – to be verified
Mode of Award of Project: 
  Project Cost*:
• Estimated cost of construction (total cost including electrification signaling and bridges) Rs. 40.35 Cr ; Source : GMB.)
• Land Required : 6.14 Hectares 
Current Status*:
• GMB commissioned a DPR and engineering scale plan by M/S RITES which was submitted in Dec 2016.
• Based on Pre-feasibility report (PFR), FIRR of the project worked out to be 15.7 % however there are significant differences in the project cost (26 cr.) and other parameters between the project cost and DPR. 
*Source : GIDB; Stakeholder Consultation
Type of Project : New Line - Broad Gauge
District : Ahmedabad (Population : 72.14 lakhs) & Kheda (Population : 23 lakhs)
• Surat Station to Kosad - additional line and connectivity from Kosad to Station to New Sanjali Station (proposed Station on DFC)
• Dholka lies on Sabarmati-Botad line, which is currently under Gauge Conversion. RITES has conducted study for the new line between Nadiad and Dholka (50.90 km) and report was submitted to Railway Board in March, 2015.
• The execution of this work will provide an alternate route from Bhavnagar, Pipavav, Veraval and Porbandar for Traffic moving towards eastern and southern parts of India, bypassing the saturated area of Ahmedabad and Sabarmati.
• As per task force discussion, this project may be considered under G-RIDE and prospects of its viability may be checked out through feasibility study of the line Estimated Project Construction Period*:
Mode of Award of Project: 
  Project Cost*:
• BG Rail Line Approx: 51 Kms is Rs. 500 Cr. 
Current Status*:
• RITES has conducted study and report was submitted to Railway Board in March, 2015 with ROR of +0.93%
• Detailed study to be commissioned 
*Data Provided by GIDB
Type of Project : New Line - Broad Gauge
District : Surat (Population : 60.81 lakhs) & Bharuch (Population : 15.51 lakhs)
 • Proposed quadrupling of Surat - Kosad - New Sanjali (station proposed on DFC) section by provision of 3rd and 4th line (Approx. 44 Km) on Western Railway in Gujarat state.
• This will help in speedy evacuation of Port cargo from Hazira area and cater to the traffic of KRIBHCO PFT, Essar Steel Plant, ABG cement and other industries.
• This project will help in avoiding surface crossing over Western Railway network for getting connected to DFC, thus reducing congestion.
• As per task force discussion, this project may be considered under G-RIDE
Estimated Project Construction Period*: 
Mode of Award of Project:
 Project Cost*:
• BG Rail Line Approx:50 Kms is Rs. 500Cr. 
Current Status*:
• Detailed study to be commissioned 
*Data Provided by GIDB

The state government will take care that it gets project permission from the authorities and also performs land acquisition.

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